Monday, October 31, 2016


We had a great day celebrating Halloween at school today.  Please enjoy the video with highlights from the day. Thanks to all the parents who joined us today in the gym and in the classroom!

BRECK SCARES HUNGER... update from Mrs. Z.

A note from Chaplain Zosel, a.k.a Mrs. Z

Students are invited to bring in photographs of beloved people in their lives who have died during the past year.  We have an "ofrenda" on a large table in the hall outside the chapel.  Students may bring labeled photos to school, then deliver to me or place them directly on the table.  They will be displayed through Nov. 23, and returned to students by Nov. 30.

Our theme for Grandparents Day is "Salve! May You Be Well!"  Students are encouraged to call or email their Grandparents Day guests and ask them "What does being well mean to you?"  If students would like a response to be included in the Grandparents Day Chapel they can send the response to by Nov. 16.

Thank you for all of the generous contributions to "Breck Scares Hunger!" We are still weighing and tallying, but we are hoping to meet our goal of 14,000 pounds!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween reminder

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Set And Bats In Sky On White Background Stock Photo

8:40 AM | Lower School Halloween Parade (Anderson Gym). The parade ends in the Anderson Gym where parents are welcome! All students in preschool through grade 4 are welcome to wear "kid-friendly" costumes to school for this annual event. Please stay away from costumes that are scary, have weapons, or are inappropriate for school activities. Parents are welcome to dress up as well. Please note this is a very busy event and, as a result, the morning parking can be quite crowded and seating in the gym fills quickly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Math Update

Dear Families-

From time to time, we will post updates from our Singapore math curriculum, Math in Focus, to keep you informed about the work your first grade mathematician is doing in the classroom and ways you can further practice the skills at home. Currently, we are working on a subtraction unit. During this unit we want to make sure that students get a strong foundation on the CONCEPTUAL side of subtraction. Later we will work on fact fluency. For now, you'll want to focus practice on examples and play with the concept of subtraction. See below for ideas:

More ways to practice and play with subtraction:

  • Talk about examples of subtraction that you see in your home life. (ie. At the dinner: "I have 8 beans on my plate. I eat one. Now I have 7. 8 minus one is 7).
  • Make up subtraction stories.
  • Play "What's hiding?" by gathering a small collection of objects (coins, beads, noodles...). Show a total (whole) then take some away and hide them behind your back or under a bowl or paper. Ask you first grader, "what's hiding?" Repeat with totals 10 or fewer. 
  • Play with playing cards or dice: Roll/reveal numbers. Subtract to find the difference. 
  • Play Ballon Pop Subtraction:

Monday, October 24, 2016

First Grade Homework Update

Dear Families,
This week we began working into our first grade homework routine. The first layer of first grade homework is the take-home reading routine. Thank you for your support with reading these books together at home and returning them daily. We hope you find this to be a meaningful home school connection.

Many families and children may be curious about how the rest of grade 1 homework will unfold. With the new Singapore math curriculum, we are in the process of developing a thoughtful homework plan to extend our curriculum and provide worthwhile math homework for first graders. We are looking to continue rolling out our first grade homework within the next few weeks. For now, you can anticipate the following about homework:

  • Book bags will continue to come home each day.
  • Other homework elements will be mainly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Occasionally, larger homework projects and games will come home with multiple
           days for flexibility of completion.
  • One piece of the homework routine will be ongoing math fact practice.
  • One day of homework each week will focus on a literacy activity.

This can all be QUITE CONFUSING so know that homework will always be outlined each week on the Peek at the Week. Please sign or initial the sheet after the work has been completed. The “Peek at the Week” should go back and forth in the take home folder each day. Feel free to write comments or questions, especially if your child didn’t understand the homework or if it was too hard.  If you felt it was fun, we’d like to hear those comments, too!        

Please be prepared to be flexible and patient with us as we work toward a meaningful and manageable homework plan for your first grader and family.

Thank you,
Grade 1 Teachers

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Breck Scares Hunger

A note from Nan Zosel:

​Hello Families,  We wanted to make sure that EVERYONE knows they are invited to participate in "Breck Scares Hunger".  We are working together throughout all divisions to collect 14,000 pounds of food to help stock local food shelves.  

Incentives for Lower School:
4 tons - extra recess
6 tons - The bounce house will show up at a recess
7 tons - Mr. Kim will camp out in the Headmaster's Garden, and wear pajamas all day.  Top participants will join him for breakfast, and everyone gets a pajama day!

Please bring donations to US or MS/LS entrances to be weighed on Oct. 31Nov. 1, orNov. 2, before school, 7:45-8:30 AM. Donations can also be brought to school onSunday, Oct. 301-4 PM, LS/MS entrance.

We can do this! Go team!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Singapore Math Night

Below you will find the parent handout from the Lower School Math night with our Singapore Math consultant, Cassy Turner. We will be posting a link to the video of her presentation soon.